Chamber of Commerce & Industry for Munich and Upper Bavaria

... is your contact point for all questions concerning foreign business and EU-relevant topics in Upper Bavaria.

What do we do?

The Chamber of Industry and Commerce for Munich and Upper Bavaria supports Upper Bavarian companies in opening up new foreign markets by providing advice and support in the following areas:

  • establishment of international business cooperation
  • provision of services and order processing abroad
  • access to EU funding programmes
  • participation in EU legislation

We support..

Small and medium-sized enterprises from the industry, commerce and service sector.

How do we help?

We help by

  • Individual advisory services as well as country-specific and information events
  • Forwarding complaints about barriers to the Single Market (SOLVIT) and existing EU legislation (business feedback)
  • Involvement of companies in the planning and implementation of new EU legislation (business feedback)
  • Basic advice and events on EU law
  • Online information on international business


Alexander Lau
Vice Managing Director International Economic Affairs,
Head of Unit Europe, EU-Policy, Enterprise Europe Network
EU trade policy, advisory services on Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania
Tel. 089 5116-1614
E-mail alexander.lau(at)

Vice Head of Unit Europa, Enterprise Europe Network
Advisory services on Portugal, Spain, Greece, Cyprus, UK and Ireland

Friedhelm Forge
Coordination Enterprise Europe Network Bayern, advisory services for EU funding programmes, advisory services on Denmark, Finland, Norway and Sweden, direct connection with EU-Commission (EU-legislation, barriers in the Single Market)
Tel. 089 5116-1676
E-mail friedhelm.forge(at)

Jessica de Pleitez
EU-Project Management/Enterprise Europe Network Bayern, advisory services on EU funding programmes, direct connection with EU Commission (EU-legislation, barriers in the Single Market)
Tel. 089 5116-1662, Fax 089 5116-81662
E-mail jessica.pleitez(at)

Advisory services on Austria, Switzerland, Albania, Serbia, Montenegro, Kosovo, Macedonia (FYROM) and Bosnia-Herzegovina
Tel. 089 5116-1492

Petra Henke
Advisory services on France, Italy, Belgium, Holland, Luxembourg, Poland, Hungary, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Slovenia, Bulgaria, Rumania and Croatia
Tel. 089 5116-1456
E-mail petra.henke(at)

Kristina Mader
EU-trade and foreign trade policy, Brexit
Tel. 089 5116-1337
E-mail kristina.mader(at)

Caroline Breda
Team-assistant, events
Tel. 089 5116-1209
E-mail caroline.breda(at)


Balanstraße 55-59
81541 München