Auftragsberatungszentrum Bayern e.V.

ABZ Bayern is a consulting organisation...

in the field of public procurement. ABZ is offering consultation and training for companies and awarding authorities concerning deliveries and  service contracts, information on public procurement via internet and newsletter, prequalification in the field of the procurement of deliveries and service contracts, a nomination-service for awarding authorities when carrying out a restricted or negotiated procedure and partnership opportunities as well as business feedback.


Joachim Burk
T:. +49 (0)89 5116-3475
E-Mail burk(at)

Angelika Höß
T: +49 (0)89 5116-3171
E-Mail hoess(at)

Steffen Müller
T: +49(0)89 5116 3172

Anna Schlange-Schöningen
T: +49(0)89 5116 3176
E-Mail schlange-schoeningen(at)

Vera Rüdiger
T: +49 (0)89 5116-3173
E-Mail ruediger(at)

Nicole Hoppe
CatsPlus Ausschreibungsservice
Tel.: +49(0)89 5116-3175
E-Mail:  hoppe(at)

Julia Scheper
Office Managerin
Rechnungswesen und Faktura
Tel. +49 (0)89 5116-3174
E-Mail scheper(at)

Blanka Stricevic
Teamassistentin, Veranstaltungsorganisation
Tel. +49 (0)89 5116-3180
E-Mail stricevic(at)



ABZ Bayern
Balanstraße 55-59, 81541 München
E-Mail: info(at)  
F: 089 5116-3663